WordPress site construction support fee

Last Updated 2020.12.24

WordPress site construction support fee

It is a price list when building a website with WordPress.

Item Overview Price (excluding tax)
Installation agency
  • Domain server settings
  • WordPress installation and settings
  • Initially setting up Bizvektor and installing recommended plug-ins
  • Installation and initial setting of paid themes (paid theme fee required separately)
From 30,000 yen
Domain-related adjustments
  • DNS settings
  • Domain transfer correspondence
DNS settings: from 10,000 yen
Domain transfer correspondence: From 50,000 yen
Support for SSL of websites We will respond to SSL by requesting at the same time at the time of renewal by new construction and WordPress.
Ssl certificates will be charged separately.
From 15,000 yen
Building a development environment We will prepare a separate development environment when you want to renew while operating the website From 20,000 yen
Strategy planning We will interview customers and formulate a concept theme for the site. From 40,000 yen
Optimizing web content If you already have a website, we will relight the content. From 1P 20,000 yen
Setting up an inquiry form Use the WordPress plugin to install the contact form. 1 form from 10,000 yen
Blog post writing advice We will advise you on keyword selection and article writing tips that are SEO-conscious when writing articles when running a blog site. (For those who operate existing websites) From 10,000 yen
Access analysis settings Set up access analysis and SearchConsole using Google Analytics. From 10,000 yen
Backup support We will set up a backup using wordpress plug-ins. From 10,000 yen
Site operations support We will support customers who have newly built and renewed by email and Skype for 2 months. 5,000 yen/month
Monthly maintenance We regularly support those who operate the site with WordPress upon request. (e-mail or Skype only) ¥10,000/month
Introduction of unique themes If you are considering introducing a paid theme other than Bizvektor, we will separately set the installation on your behalf after paying the actual cost of the paid theme. Depending on the theme, you may need to pay the license fee to act on your behalf. From 20,000 yen

We will answer various troubles from wordpress troubles, site launch to customer acquisition advice.
As a web system engineer, I will give accurate advice based on my experience accumulated in more than 10 sites and the experience of web writers and website operations currently active.

If you have any questions about the operation of the site or WordPress, please feel free to contact us.
For inquiries, please contact https://roadbikelife.net/en/contact-en/.

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