Operator Information

Last Updated 2020.12.30

Operator Information

RoadbikeLife is a media site that provides useful information for long-distance cycling such as the world of road bikes and brevets.
It was launched to provide useful information to those who are new to road bikes and who are participating in or willing to participate in Brevet.
It’s been a little over a year since the operator of this site started road bikes, but media management that can play a part in the spread of brevets as one of the ways to enjoy brevets by knowing the world of brevets and the charm of brevets. I am aiming for.

Site name RoadbikeLife
Operator Dreative
WEBSITE URL https://roadbikelife.net/en/
Contact https://roadbikelife.net/en/contact/

Operator’s Career

After learning about the Internet in college, he became interested in web design and started studying.
When I was a student, I launched a site to search and introduce free tools, and I was asked by a company to place an advertisement and operated the website while receiving monthly advertising expenses. Operate a site that also supports imode at that time.
After graduating from university, I studied how to use PhotoShop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver / Flash and practical web design at a web design vocational school to get a job at a web production company.
After graduating from a vocational school, participated in numerous projects as an HTML coder at a web production company.
Handles many major corporate projects such as the operation and renewal of the official website of a major telecommunications carrier and the renewal of the official website of a major credit card company.

At the same time, self-taught with an eye on the future of PHP, started studying server-side technologies such as Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP.

I left the web production company to change my career as a web programmer.
Moved to a venture SIer and participated in many projects such as system construction of major financial institutions, EC site construction project, and E-learning system construction of human resource development companies.
Received an offer from a human resources development company and changed jobs as a system manager of the company.
I was in charge of planning, designing and building in various fields as a system manager in the company, improving the e-learning system, building the CRM system.


Mainly familiar with server-side programs.
For WordPress, you can understand what it is like by reading the core program.
Recently, we have focused on the launch and operation of media sites using WordPress, and we are mainly providing consulting such as advice on launching sites using WordPress and using rental servers by utilizing the backbone of programming.

Business content

This is the work that Dreative is doing.

WEB consulting

It is difficult to understand when launching a website using WordPress, and in addition to setting parts such as domain and rental server settings on behalf of others, we will clarify the purpose of the website by hearing what purpose the website will be launched.
Once the concept of the site is clear, we will propose what kind of content is needed according to the concept.

Solving WordPress technical problems

If you can’t operate the website due to technical problems such as installing WordPress by yourself and launching the website but it is not displayed properly, after hearing how you installed WordPress, the cause Identify and restore WordPress to a state where it can be operated normally.

In addition, we will also propose a plugin that is convenient for operating a website with WordPress, and if there is no problem, we will also install it on your behalf.

If you have any questions about WordPress, we will answer as much as you can understand.
We will respond from technical questions to know-how to operate a website with WordPress.

Website operation support

For those who operate websites with WordPress, we will analyze access analysis and content of each page and propose SEO measures and content improvement.
Support is mainly by email and Skype.

Please check the following page for the charges for each business.
The fee for each business content is just a guide and may vary slightly depending on the man-hours.

It is a price list when building a website with WordPress. Please check it as a reference when building a site with WordPress.

Advertising and job requests

Please use the inquiry form to inquire about advertising on our site Roadbike Life and requests for work related to WEB consulting.

When posting the contents of this site on other media

You are basically free to post the contents of this site on other media.
In that case, we would appreciate it if you could advertise the URL of this site https://roadbikelife.net/.
For other inquiries such as advertising, please contact us from the inquiry.

Basically, there is no problem with posting on other media, but we may refuse to publish curated media that seems to have problems.
We do not allow the use of the contents of this site as part of the contents of other media.
Please use the content of this site by clearly stating that it is the content of this site, linking to the page, and using the appropriate citation tag.

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