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Introducing pro shops and cafes that will be the hub of the Tamagawa Cycling Road and ridge trunk

Last Updated 2022.05.17

Introduction of pro shops and cafes that will be the hub of Tamagawa Cycling Road and ridge trunk

As early as 2022, mid-May. Half of 2022 is about to pass. How are you all doing?
I’m still full of BROMPTON, and I’m sorry for the readers that the update of this site has been delayed recently.
I still love BROMPTON, but to be honest, I don’t have much material because the custom plan has not been decided and it is currently on hold. I spend such a day, but recently I got a little bit of road bike fever and BROMPTON fever, and after researching various things, I got useful information for cyclists around the Tamagawa Cycling Road, so I would like to share it. I decided to write an article.

Bring-in road bike welcome pro shop “TRYCLE”

First of all, the average price of road bikes is rising in the road bike market due to the shortage of supply of road bikes due to the influence of corona, soaring raw materials and soaring transportation costs. This is due to inflation not only in Japan but globally. Even that world’s number one giant raised its price significantly in early 2022 with a price revision. The canyon I own is also sold only every Monday due to lack of raw materials. And in the road bike market, direct sales from manufacturers to users through online sales are expanding from the flow from distributors to users.

When that happens, both users and pro shops are in trouble. Where would a user regularly send a canyon road bike purchased online to a pro shop for maintenance? .. It is not possible for a pro shop to take care of users who purchased at that store but not for road bikes purchased at other stores. That’s right. That Specialized also started direct sales, as did the online direct sales that Canyon pioneered. Well, Specialized has direct sales dealers all over the country, so it has the advantage that you can buy it after seeing, touching, and testing the road bike directly at the store.

And the user thinks. How convenient would it be if there was a pro shop in the neighborhood that would take care of any purchase route?
I would like to introduce a pro shop along the Tamagawa Cycling Road that is appreciated by such road bike users.


The name of the pro shop is “TRYCLE”.
The wage table is set in detail, and it seems that any work will be accepted. Also, it seems that the car wash of the road bike is a reservation system, but it is set from 3500 yen (car wash / coating), so you can wait for work leisurely while drinking coffee in the store. There is also protein. The location is in a good location, about 3 minutes by bicycle from the famous “Cross Coffee Cafe” in Tamagawara Bridge, where the Tamagawa Cycling Road and the ridge trunk intersect, toward Fuchu on the Fuchu Kaido.

I would like many people to know about Rodi on the Tamagawa Cycling Road and Gachi Rodi who are training on the ridge trunk.

Tama River cyclist and ridge trunk Gachirodi’s resting place CROSS COFFEE

Another TRYCLE connection I would like to introduce is the Cross Coffee Cafe at the intersection of the Tamagawa Cycling Road and the ridge trunk.

It is a cafe that is already familiar to Rodi people who started from the ridge trunk, but it is a highly recommended cafe that Tamagawa cyclists may not know unexpectedly. The location is from Tamagawara Bridge on the Tamagawa Cycling Road, opposite Lawson, the starting point of the ridge trunk, which is the intersection known as the starting point of the Minamitamaone trunk road. Business hours are open from 7 am according to Rodi time. And the store closes at 17:00. I haven’t run the ridge trunk yet, so I’ve never visited Cross Coffee, but I’d like to go pottering at BROMPTON next time. I think many Rodi gather at the ridge trunk, have breakfast with cross coffee, and then go cycling. The Tama River Cycling Rodi and the ridge trunk Rodi are cafes that you should definitely check out.

BiciclettaSHIDO, a secret base in Komae

Here are some of the pro shops around the Tamagawa Cycling Road that I have personally taken care of. That is BiciclettaSHIDO in Komae. When I just bought a Canyon road bike, I was taken care of by security registration and tire replacement. The store manager is a crunchy cyclocross player, and from autumn to spring, cyclocross races are quite frequent, and although it is a store holiday, it is a pro shop secretly known to Rodi people who are using the Tamagawa Cycling Road. This pro shop is an authorized specialized distributor, so I think it would be nice to buy a specialized road bike at the store and get along well, but the store manager is friendly and nice, so I bought a canyon road bike. Even when I brought it in, I didn’t dislike it and responded.


Follow the street from Noborito Bridge on the Tamagawa Cycling Road toward Komae and you will see the shop on your left.
While the supply of road bikes is stagnant due to the times of Corona, I would like to promote the store to keep it alive. To be clear, maintenance of a road bike becomes inconvenient if it disappears personally. From the PV of this site, it seems that there are probably not a few Tamagawa cyclists, and if that happens, sharing a pro shop along the Tamagawa Cycling Road will increase the number of visitors to the shop, and a shop that is beneficial to me is a neighborhood. It is a selfish desire to have a win-win relationship to continue. However, although I haven’t been maintained by TRYCLE yet, BiciclettaSHIDO is a conscientious and skillful pro shop.

Tama River Cyclist’s New Recommended Cafe Foorin Coffee Roaster

Introducing a new cafe along the Tama River cycling road that can be used as a resting spot around Noborito.
Foorin coffee roaster. Originally, it was like a roasting factory in Noborito called Furin Coffee, which is famous for coffee cafes, but it was just opened in September 2021 and I don’t have any information at hand. It seems that the target is not a cyclist either, so the business hours themselves are normal from 9 am. However, it has become a hot topic among cyclists with high antenna sensitivity because it is located along the Tama River cycling road and it is a cafe in a location where you want to take a break at the boundary between running on the left bank or the right bank of the Tama River called Noborito. It’s like a cafe. The area around Noborito is mainly my road bike and BROMPTON activity area, so it’s a cafe I’d like to visit next time. As of 2022, Noborito is under redevelopment, and the roads and buildings have been reorganized and the landscape is bleak, but when the redevelopment is over, it may be reborn as a super-urban city like Musashi Kosugi. not. It’s just a desire.

ZEBRA Coffee & Croissant Inagi Chuo Koen store

The last is zebra coffee, which is a hot topic among Rodi. Originally, Zebra Coffee Cafe was located in the direction of Lake Tsukui and Sagamihara, and for Rodi the ridge trunk, it was a resting spot ahead of the run to some extent, but that zebra coffee opened in the middle of the ridge trunk and became a hot topic. Doing.

Speaking of ridge trunk, it is a course that became a road race of the Tokyo Olympics (trademark). Therefore, the ridge trunk is a sacred place for Rodi like the Shimanami Kaido. There are moderate ups and downs, the bicycle lane is wide and it is easy to run, so it is a mecca for Rodi so that it overflows from the morning on weekends, but it seems that Zebra Coffee also opened last year due to such a trend. The location in Inagi Chuo Park is also good. The pottering group can easily drop in, so it seems to be supported by the locals. Zebra coffee is famous for its delicious croissants as well as coffee, but the price is a little high. However, the taste seems to be outstandingly delicious, so I would like to go pottering at BROMPTON next time. It’s a ridge trunk, so please don’t ask me to go in the canyon.

I want to support Tamagawa Cycling Road and Miki Rodi

This article introduced pro shops and cafes focusing on the Tamagawa Cycling Road and the ridge trunk. I think that there are many shops that are doing their best to operate even though it may be difficult to manage due to Korona-ka, so I decided to write such an article this time to support such pro shops and cafes as much as possible. I usually spend my days casually, but when I focus on each pro shop and cafe, I think it’s amazing that it is open and open even though it is difficult due to this Korona-ka. And I frankly hope that the number of visitors will increase as much as possible by promoting it on this site.

When the weather is nice, I’m thinking of taking out BROMPTON and going to TRYCLE and Zebra Coffee on the ridge trunk.
I would like to actively spend money on delicious foods and good services to run the economy.
Oh, I have to go to LORO Setagaya and talk about BROMPTON’s custom. Next, I would like to talk about the front double. I’m motivated, so I’d like to write an article if I have another story. Next is BROMPTON and I want something. That said, if you don’t customize it, that material won’t come out.

If you like this article, please share it with others.
And let’s actively visit the pro shops and cafes introduced this time. And I sincerely hope that Rodi’s friends will increase.


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