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BROMPTON’s front double custom has become a standard

Last Updated 2022.03.25

BROMPTON front double custom has become a standard


I’m sorry that the update has been delayed recently. The update has stopped due to various reasons. Well, it’s a secret that the chances of riding a bicycle decreased in winter and there wasn’t much material. However, I have accumulated quite a bit of BROMPTON material. Because, in the recent BROMPTON area, the number of people who enjoy customizing is increasing. It is one of the tastes to enjoy BROMPTON as it is genuine, but as the administrator of this site, if you have some hobbies such as mini 4WD, radio control, motorcycle, etc., you can not help customizing BROMPTON. I can’t stand riding a cute folding bike like this in front of me as it is.

For example, is it the feeling of a parent who enjoys dressing up his child by buying various clothes and clothes like a doll? My child (BROMPTON) is so cute that I want to buy various things.

Unfortunately notice that the BROMPTON meeting will be canceled

There is a gathering called BROMPTON Meeting in Tachikawa Sozosha where the owners of BROMPTON gather, but it was held on the second Saturday of odd-numbered months and was scheduled to be held on March 12 most recently, but spread prevention Due to the influence of the measures, it was canceled shortly before. This was very disappointing. It was a good opportunity to see various BROMPTON at an event where many BROMPTON owners gathered, but I would like to expect it to be held next May.

Cycle mode 2022

総展示台数1,000台以上!日本最大のスポーツ自転車フェスティバル CYCLE MODE TOKY...

Many bicycle events such as brevets and long ride events are held, but there is a cycle mode as a bicycle trade fair event. It’s like a bicycle motor show. It seems that it will be held this year. Last year it was canceled due to the influence of Corona, but it seems that Cycle Mode Osaka 2022 was held in Osaka ahead of this year and it was a great success. This year’s Cycle Mode Tokyo 2022, which used to be Makuhari Messe in Chiba, will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba this year. The aim is the same for road bikes, but is it still BROMPTON? If you go to LORO Setagaya, you can talk about BROMPTON and test drive as much as you want, but this year, I will bring my friends and tell them about the charm of BROMPTON annoyingly, and my friends are planning to fit in the BROMPTON swamp.

Cycle Mode Tokyo will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on April 2nd and 3rd, 2022.
In cycle mode, it seems that famous bicycle influencers on YouTube and model Ryoko Hinata will also participate as guests. Will that Kenta-san, the No. 1 bicycle YouTuber, also participate? It seems that Nana Channel, who has recently gained momentum in Cycle Mode Osaka, also participated as a BMC ambassador, and influencers are becoming more and more influential in the bicycle area.

BROMPTON front double story

By the way, I was hibernating during the cold and gathered information on BROMPTON and the road bike area, but for BROMPTON, the front double custom that I introduced last year is now becoming a standard. The first front double custom I learned was that the base vehicle was the M6R BROMPTON, and the front was doubled to 50/36 to make it 12 speeds. Then, the 12th gear ratio was evenly arranged, and it was possible to adjust the gear from a steep slope to a flat high speed section. This custom is mainly done by LORO Kyoto store, and YouTube also distributes the state of the custom and the introduction video of the custom completed vehicle.

I have watched LORO Kyoto store’s custom distribution and custom introduction videos without fail, but the recent trend is that the rear is 4-speed exterior and the front is 50/36 or 52/39 front double. I have the impression that it is increasing. The reason for doing so in the rear exterior 4th speed is that the rear interior 3rd speed exterior 2nd speed of genuine BROMPTON often has a slight resistance because the internal gear does not rotate smoothly, so the rear is comfortable. In order to rotate the wheel without internal gear, it is possible to give the feature that it is easier to cruise by increasing the number of exterior gears and making it 4th speed, so the situation that the rear gear exterior is entering the trend. am.

Manufacturer used for front double

It is a manufacturer that has many requests from users due to the double front, but it seems that White Industries is still popular. A beautiful crank that has been polished into a cool chainring machined from aluminum is a perfect match with BROMPTON. It seems that LORO is pushing customers at the Fukuoka and Osaka stores, and it is difficult to find a prospect of arrival due to the delay in logistics these days, but it seems that reservations are going well despite the long waiting situation.

The next most popular is ROTOR. I’ve seen many customs that use ROTOR’s oval ring to double the front. I personally think that the elliptical ring and the sporty appearance are a mismatch with the classical image of BROMPTON, but it is supported by users who have it as a sub-bike standing position of a road bike. It seems that it has been done.

The last is Sugino. This was surprising, but Sugino’s chainring and crank match BROMPTON quite well. Sugino’s classical 5-arm design matches BROMPTON’s classical chromoly frame, and it’s pretty cool. Also, Sugino is famous as a Japanese bicycle maker, but it seems that there are many orders from savers who want to keep the price down and double the front, but want to keep costs down.

Future BROMPTON Custom

I first learned about BROMPTON in the fall of 2021, but in 2022 BROMPTON has evolved into a new stage. That is the announcement of the new BROMPTON, which implements a newly designed frame called PLINE. This BROMPTON is a lightweight model that used titanium for the rear and front, which was called the LX model before, but the lightweight model will be equipped with genuine exterior rear gear in 4th speed. Since it seems that the rear frame is not compatible with the existing chromoly model CLINE, it will take time for third-party custom parts to be newly added to the lineup for PLINE. In addition, the release date in Japan is also quite rare, with about 2 units in stock at each store around May, and it is unknown whether it will spread in Japan. However, the fact that BROMPTON has developed the exterior 4-speed is also a big shift from the direction of the interior 3-speed exterior 2-speed, which is a shock to the BROMPTON user area.

Compatibility between PLINE and CLINE

Until now, the main parts of BROMPTON have backward compatibility, and although there are minor updates for each model year, it was possible to attach new model year BROMPTON parts to the old model year BROMPTON. , For this PLINE, there is a high possibility that the parts of BROMPTON so far cannot be attached. In particular, the rear derailleur is PLINE’s original design and is not compatible with the existing CLINE. Therefore, in order to attach the 4-speed rear derailleur for PLINE to CLINE, you have to attach the rear frame of PLINE to CLINE and then attach the rear derailleur, but the important rear frame for PLINE is the rear of the existing CLINE. It is unknown whether it can be attached to the frame part.

At first glance, the mainframe of PLINE looks the same as CLINE, so it looks like the same design, but PLINE has a structure that allows you to hold the saddle and move BROMPTON forward by lowering the saddle to the middle. , It is highly likely that the mainframe design is also unique to PLINE.

My BROMPTON front double plan

I’ve been writing articles about BROMPTON, but as for my BROMPTON, it’s getting warmer in March, so I’m thinking about getting up from hibernation and moving forward with the front double plan. The goal is to unveil it at the BROMPTON meeting held at Tachikawa Sozosha in May, but to be honest, the progress is unknown due to the recent stagnation of logistics.

As for the contents of the custom, I’m thinking of replacing the front double with White Industries, the front mechanism with Shimano 105 or Ultegra, and the cables with Niizumi Cable. One of the most popular BROMPTON customs these days is the Niizumi Cable, which has a wide variety of colors and reliable performance, and is often exported to Europe and the United States. Niizumi Cable’s sales are rising considerably. It seems that there are many customers who order Niizumi cable at each LORO store, and it used to be in stock for each package, but nowadays it is in a so-called adult buying state where it is received in rolls and cut to the required length. It seems that it is in the way of arrival.

I’m also wondering which color of Niizumi cable to use from now on, but I’m thinking of enjoying it now because it’s the most fun time when I’m wondering about these things and customs. I would like to introduce again if there is progress in customizing BROMPTON.

Introducing BROMPTON's ideal custom
Introducing the ideal custom that can be said to be the final form of BROMPTON. White industries are adopted for the chainring crank by making the front double.

About the compatibility of SPD and single-sided flat pedal for BROMPTON
If you want to potter a long distance with BROMPTON, we recommend introducing the SPD pedal. In this article, we will introduce recommended pedals and shoes when introducing SPD pedals to BROMPTON.


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