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Of course, the equipment of Saki Takamiya’s road bike is amazing

Last Updated 2021.01.28

Of course, Saki Takamiya's road bike was not a specification for female college students to ride

The equipment of Saki Takamiya's road bike is amazing.
Of course, do you know the anime based on long-distance cycling?
Due to the influence of wimpy pedals, comics and anime based on bicycles are quite popular these days.

Of course, it is an anime based on bicycles, but it is especially depicted in the category of long-distance cycling.
To explain, the main character of the first year of university buys a minibello and go cycling, but all the friends around me are long riders.
The main character is also influenced after all and buys a road bike. So far, it's actually common.

As the main character listens to the stories of his surroundings, he hears the words Bulbe and Fresh and becomes steeped in the world of long-distance cycling.
And the goal is to team up with your friends and aim for a fresh finish.

The anime itself is scheduled to be postponed twice and 12 episodes completed, and it will be 10 episodes and will be cut off in private broadcasting. The remaining two episodes are DNF called net broadcasting or OVA. It was a disappointing result.
When I watched the anime, I paid attention to a child named Saki Takamiya, and in the anime, the main characters came by car to the top of Shibu Pass, and Saki Takamiya met when she climbed to the top of Shibu pass by self-driving on a road bike.
The equipment of the road bike of Saki Takamiya was very helpful in thinking about the equipment of long distance cycling such as Brevet.

Profile of Saki Takamiya

Of course! One of the main characters of the university, the main character Ami Kurata attends a senior at the university.
My hobby is touring around the country on a road bike. I met Ami Kurata and Aoi Niigaki on a road bike. After that, they reunited and interacted with Hinako Saijo and Yayoi Ichinose. The back of the head is tied up with a ribbon in a straight black hair and it has a tail shape.
I'm touring too much on a road bike, and my university class credits are in jeopardy.
When I'm a glutton and touring solo, I often stop by for local food.
The road bike's running power is considerable, and it has crossed from Chiba to Kyushu.
The goal is to finish paris brest Paris. For that reason, I am passionate about touring various places every day and gaining various experiences.

My car: MK01
CV:Yoko Hikasa

Saki Takamiya's Road Bike Equipment Consideration

The road bike reference image of Saki Takamiya who is about
The photo above is a reference image of Saki Takamiya's road bike.
It is said that it was actually made-to-order at comic market (Comiket) for 1 million yen.
If you don't know a road bike, why 1 million yen? 1 million yen for a road bike is an anime specification, so is it a premier price? And it would be misleading.
However, if a person who knows a road bike sees it, it is full of tsukkomi that it will not be a road bike that a female college student rides.
There will be a lot of people who came with the pin looking at the crank so. Shimano's components are assembled at the top dura ace.
Moreover, pay attention to the front diller. What an electric Di2 specification. It is a feeling that it is good.

Learn more about road bike components below.

Learn about the components that are an important part of choosing a road bike. Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM are mostly famous around the world. We will explain the characteristics and merits of each.

The made-to-order production specification at Comiket is shimano's 9100 series new Dura Ace di2 specification, so the crank becomes a black keynote, but I wanted it to be unified with the 9000 series Dura Ace.
It is an individual impression to feel that the frame is a canyon gap frame from the thick and flat feeling of the down tube.

Leave it behind. The equipment attached to Saki Takamiya's road bike is a reference for those who want to do Brevet and those who do long distance cycling.
First of all, from around the handle.

The light on the top and bottom of the handle is gents and cat-eye light.

It is a silver cylindrical one under the handle, which is probably a gents of general-purpose LED light that climbers will often use.
I think that there was an adapter to attach lights etc. to the handle with Velcro, so I installed two lights using it.
And the light on the handle is probably the Cat Eye VOLT800. It was a cylindrical photograph from a different angle, so there is almost no doubt.
Why volt800 can be said will be written in another Brevet equipment consideration article.

Why the VOLT800 for road bike headlights?


Sycon GPS around the steering wheel

It is a cycon mounted on the out front of the handle, but it is lime green.
I guessed this was probably garmin's Edge 1000J with a lime green silicone case.

It is a psycon attached to another handle stem, but if the aut

hor i s familiar with the world of Brevet, it seems to be around the handy GPS eTrex 30 used by garmin climbers.

Why is it GPS for climbing on a road bike? I think that there are many people who think.
I didn't kn

ow any GPS for climbing until I learned about the world of Brevet.
Why attach a handy GPS for climbing to a road bike? This is because it can run for a long time of 25 hours with battery power.
Moreover, because it is battery-powered, if you have a rechargeable battery in reserve, you can operate as much as you want. Moreover, it is completely waterproof specification.

If you are riding a road bike and have or know garmin's Sicon GPS, you know that garmin's cycling GPS is limited to 15 hours even if it is eco-operated with a built-in rechargeable battery type.
When it comes to garmin eTrex, if you use a rechargeable battery such as Eneloop together, you can operate it with plenty of time even for 600 km 40 hours.
It's a very niche need, but in the world of Brevet, this garmin eTrex is a staple.
For this need, garmin eTrex adapters for mounting on road bike handles and stems are also available.
The keyword of complete waterproofing and long-term driving is a keyword that I want you to remember if you are thinking of starting a Brevet.

Bruvet can run for at least 13 hours, or 40 to 90 hours for a long time.
If it is a rechargeable battery type, how do you power it and operate it? If it is battery-powered, what will the spare battery do?
If you are a race-oriented road bike, you will think about how to reduce the weight of the car body, but the Brevet and long-distance cycling-oriented people are the opposite, and it will be an idea of how to enhance the equipment and make it a complete system even if the car body becomes heavy.
If you can run fast even over long distances, you can cut down on equipment and make it considerably lighter, but most people will be quite equipped, including naps and changing clothes, so it is very interesting to think really the opposite of race-oriented people.

Expansion of a third bottle cage under the down tube

One of the things I focused on was this. The third bottle cage was added.
On Saki Takamiya's road bike, it looks like a depiction of a bottle cage attached directly to the frame.
However, there are no bolts or bolt holes under the down tube of most road bikes to attach the bottle cage. The exception is that there is a bolt that stops the di2 battery.
In triathlon bikes, etc., there is a specification to stop the bottle under the down tube occasionally, but it is not in an ordinary road bike.
I looked for it. And there was. Items for attaching a third bottle cage.

ELITE VIP Bottle Cage Clip

3つ目のボトルケージを取り付けてロングライドを快適に。ELITE VIPボトルケージクリップの紹介です。ロングライドでダブルボトル体制にしてさらにツールケースを装備したい時に便利なアイテムです。

Isn't it really a long rider to attach a bottle cage under the down tube and insert a tool case there?
I bought it by the looks. Yes. It is a type that enters from the look.
There is also practicality. In the summer, if you make it a two-bottle system, there will be no space to insert tool cases.
Then, I want to secure the space of the saddle bag with the change of clothes and the towel if it is possible to do so.

It is the third bottle cage under the down tube at such time.
My road bike is also currently using the bottle cage clip above to add a third bottle cage to create a tool case system for two bottles.
It seems that it is a crank or interferes with the tire, but this has a surprising clearance and does not interfere with the crank or the front chainring, and of course does not interfere with the front tire.
This is the case with my Giant's TCR Advanced 2, and other road bikes are not the same, but it is about 1,400 yen on amazon and I think it is a customization worth trying.
It is a customization that I want to recommend to bruvé riders and those who are thinking of doing a bruvet in the future.
Personally, I think it's cool. Isn't it something like that? Not so much? Excuse me.

Saddle bags are now trendy bike packing

Leveled Design Viscacha
The saddle bag is also big and conspicuous.
Leveled design is a viscacha.
It is the idea of bike packing with the idea of how to load road bikes originated in the United States.
It's old to ride a carrier to the rear on Landner's bike and put a pania on the side.
From now on, even road bikes are saddle bags born from the idea of going on a bicycle trip with big luggage.
The feature is its capacity after all. This leveling design viscacha has a capacity of up to 14L.
There is also a maximum capacity of 17L in the saddle bag of the later departure. I think that you can load luggage for 2 to 3 nights with plenty of room.
It has not yet penetrated in the Brevet scene in Japan, but when I saw the video of PBP, I could see a few road bikes that took in the idea of this bike packing.
I thought that it would not be difficult to run when dancing or when I packed heavy luggage in the saddle bag, but even if I danced unexpectedly, there was no unnaturalness, so I guess there would be no problem if I devised how to load the luggage.
It is a personal idea that there is no need for this saddle bag in Bruvet up to 600 km.
I will consider purchasing it when I travel by bicycle, but for now, my goal is to finish 200 km Brevet first, so it is a priority to enhance the equipment for that and to train myself on the roller stand every day.

See below for an article on large saddle bags about bike packing.




Seat stay flare lights are not available

One thing that is disappointing is the tail light attached to the seat stay.
It is called a flare light, but there is a rowdy that I attach quite a bit, but it was an NG item when I thought about it in Brevet thinking. Certainly, the irradiation range is wide, so visibility seems to be high at first glance, but flare light is not recognized as a tail light under Brevet regulations (in Japan). In the anime, it may have been made into this flare light because it is not in the Brevet but just during long-distance cycling, but I think that I wanted you to be concerned with the depiction of normal cycling because the subject matter is Brevet Fresh.
It was equipped with 100 points when the tail light was attached to the seat stay left and right.

I tried to consider the equipment of Brevet using the equipment of the road bike of Saki Takamiya of about course as an example.
I think that it is a very helpful equipment for those who want to ride long, not limited to Brevet.

If you are interested in Brevet, long distance cycling, and touring, please refer to the following article.


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