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Road bikes that can be bought for the 2017 budget of 200,000 yen

Last Updated 2021.01.23

Road bikes that can be bought for the 2017 budget of 200,000 yen


If you have a budget of 200,000 yen, you can buy the carbon road bike you admire.

If you search by budget road bike on the net
There is usually an introduction page of road bikes that can be bought for 100,000 yen to 150,000 yen,
In this site, I introduced a road bike that can be bought with a budget of around 200,000 yen.
Why is that?

  • If it is around 200,000 yen, you can buy a carbon frame road bike
  • Components also have Shimano's 105 grades for future upgrades
  • It also fulfills the possessed greed of having a carbon road bike.
  • I regret that I should have made it a carbon road bike later when I bought a cheap aluminum entry model

There are reasons such as.

When I bought a road bike, I was looking for a cheap aluminum entry model.
At first, I chose this site to sell original aluminum road bikes that are open in Rakuten Market.
In such a place, my friend told me that I would not regret 105 components with the latest carbon road bike, and I got catalogs from various manufacturers from the shop and looked it up, so I worked hard to raise my budget and buy a carbon road bike.
Now I always think that it was good not to make it a cheap aluminum road bike at that time.
This is because carbon road bikes can be fully utilized in races like hobby users, or in the grueling long-distance cycling brubes.
If this was an entry model aluminum road bike, when I wanted to finish the burbe that I wanted to race, I would not have been addicted to the world of road bikes so far because it was heavy with this road bike and blamed various equipment. Conversely, the carbon road bike is enough equipment, so all you have to do is ride, train yourself, and put on leg strength.
I think this was a good opportunity to keep my motivation for road bikes.

I have such experience, and I did not want people who are thinking of buying a road bike from now on to buy it and regret it, so I dared to introduce a carbon road bike with a budget of around 200,000 yen.
I think that I would be happy if the number of people who immerse themself in the world of road bikes as much as possible will increase as a chance of this site. Now, let's introduce recommended road bikes.

Road bike that can be bought for 200,000 yen in the 2018 budget

We have published an article about road bikes that can be bought with the latest budget of 200,000 yen in 2018.
In 2018, we're introducing classic Giant and Merida with good cost performance, Trek and Specialized on American Road, and road bikes from the german canyon, which is now very popular from the long-established Bianchi. If you are considering purchasing a new road bike in 2018, please refer to this article.


Giant TCR Advanced 2

Giant TCR Adcanced 2 2017

Manufacturers Giant
Model TCR Advanced 2
Price 190,000 yen (excluding tax)
Frame Advanced-Grade Composite OLD130mm
Front fork Advanced-Grade Composite, AlumUm OverDrive Column
Gear crank SHIMANO 105 34/50T 170mm(XS、S)、172.5mm(M、ML)
Chain KMC X11EL
Front Diller SHIMANO 105 For Direct
Rear Dillerer SHIMANO 105
Brake Lever (Shifter) SHIMANO 105 11Speed
Brake set SHIMANO 105
Rear gear SHIMANO 105 11Speed 11-28T
Headset FSA Shield Cartridge 1-1/8"-1-1/4"
Handlebars GIANT CONTACT 31.8 400mm(XS、S)、420mm(M、ML)
Handle stem GIANT CONNECT 31.8 80mm(XS)、90mm(S)、100mm(M)、110mm(ML)
Seat Pillar GIANT VARIANT Composite
Seat clamps Frame integrated
Front hub FORMULA Cartridge Bearing 24H
Rear Hub FORMULA Cartridge Bearing 24H
Rim GIANT P-R2 24H
Spoke SAPIM RACE 14-15G
Tire GIANT P-SL1 700x25C
Tube valve French valve
Accessories Bell
RIDE LIFE. RIDE GIANT. わたしたちGIANTは、魅力的で幅広い製品ラインナップを通じて、世界中の人々を自転車というすばらしい冒険へと駆り立ててまいります。

I'm strong.

It is a famous line of Fukutomi Juichi of the wimpy pedal, but the manufacturer using Fukutomi Juichi is Giant.
I am also riding this TCR Advanced 2 2016 model.
The great thing about Giants is that at this price, all the components are unified at Shimano's 105.
The frame geometry (design) is also exactly the same as the advanced-use TCR Advanced SL grade, and the only difference is that the carbon material is made of high strength and the components are of higher grade.
However, the carbon used for TCR Advanced is also T700 carbon of Toray, and it is made of high-strength carbon that is used for middle grades of 300,000 yen or more if it is a other manufacturer.
If it is TCR Advanced 2, it is a specification that is high in completion so that it can be used in both races and brubes just by changing the wheel and changing the ride taste.
As for the size, if the Giant Store is in the neighborhood, it is recommended to purchase it at the Giant Store.
The reason is simply to measure the size of the height and inseam in the Giant Store, and automatically put out the appropriate frame size and seat height.
In addition, as a purchase privilege, light maintenance at the Giant Store (all 18 processes check 3000 yen) will be free for many times and years.
In addition, for frames, you can purchase frames of the same grade band at a guaranteed price even if there is frame damage due to accidents etc. with a lifetime warranty except for consumables.
This benefit is quite a great benefit and guarantee for road bike beginners. For women, we are also developing a lineup of road bikes tailored to the height of women as the Lid brand.
There are many types of test rides available at the Giant Store, so if you are considering purchasing, it is a good idea to try a lot before purchasing.


Tom Dumran won the 2017 Giro de Italia and focused on the giant's TCR model road bike. If you are interested in giant TCR model road bikes, please refer to the above article for purchase.

Merida SCULTURA 4000

Meridas Kurtula 4000 2017

Manufacturers Merida
Model SCULTURA 4000
Price 189,900 yen (excluding tax)
Frame Scultura CF2 [PF86]
Front fork Road carbon Race
BB Set Road Pressfit
Gear crank FSA Gossamer 50-34 Mega[PF86] L:165mm(44cm)
L:170mm(47/50/52cm) L:172.5mm(54cm) L:175mm(56cm)
Chain KMC X11
Front Diller Shimano 105 D
Rear Dillerer Shimano 105 SS
Brake Lever (Shifter) Shimano 105
Brake set Shimano R561
Rear gear SHIMANO 105 11Speed 11-28T
Headset Big Conoid S-bearing neck pro
Handlebars MERIDA Expert Compact road OS L:380mm(44/47cm)
Handle stem MERIDA Expert Carbon OS -5 L:90mm(44/47/50cm)
Saddle MERIDA Sport
Seat Pillar MERIDA carbon Expert SB15 27.2
Seat clamps MERIDA Aero 32 Allen ST
Front hub Road seal Bearing
Rear Hub Road seal Bearing
Rim MERIDA comp SL 24 pair
Spoke Black stainless
Tire Maxxis Dolemites 25 fold
Tube valve French valve
Accessories Bell Rock Reflector
MTBやROADなどスポーツバイクのエントリーモデルからワールドカップを戦うレーシングバイクまで手掛けるメリダ -MERIDA- の日本公式ホームページ

Following the Giant, we will introduce The Sturtura 4000 from Taiwanese manufacturer Merida.
Features are the same semi-aero frame design and full carbon as the upper model.
The component is based on Shimano's 105, and the brakes and cranks are 105MIX specifications that are commonly said in lower grades of other company or Shimano.
If I were to upgrade, I would like to have the crank and brake shimano 105.
The rest of the specs do not need to be custom at this price.
The size has an appropriate height and size list on merida's official website, but it seems that you can get support at the pro shop that is handled by Merida official called MERIDA GLOBAL DEALERS, so it is a good idea to look for a handling shop from Merida's site and consult directly.


Bianchi INTENSO 2017

Manufacturers Bianchi
Price 189,000 yen (excluding tax)
Frame Carbon
Front fork Full Carbon with Kevlar 1.1/8"-1.5"
BB Set Included
Gear crank Shimano Tiagra 50/34T 165/165/170/170/170/172.5mm
Chain Kmc X10
Front Diller Shimano Tiagra 34.9mm
Rear Dillerer Shimano Tiagra
Brake Lever (Shifter) Shimano Tiagra
Brake set Shimano Tiagra
Rear gear Shimano Tiagra 10Speed 12/28T
Headset Fsa Orbit C-40-ACB
Handlebars JD-RA38A/JD-RA35A 31.8mm
Handle stem Kalloy AS-M01 70/90/90/100/100/110mm
Saddle San Marco Era Start
Seat Pillar Satori Trident of Alloy 31.6x350mm
Seat clamps Michelin 34.9mm
Front hub Shimano Tiagra
Rear Hub Shimano Tiagra
Rim Alex AT470 28H
Spoke SAPIM RACE 14-15G
Tire Vittoria Zaffiro Rigid 700x25C
Tube valve French valve

It is INTENSO of the long-established Bianchi in Italy.
There was also a shimano 105MIX model at INTREPIDA at the same price range, but I chose this model although Shimanotiagra was adopted.
The reason is that there is also an ULTEGRA model in the same model, and I guessed that the design philosophy of the frame would probably be a model that could be used from all-round to race use.
The feature is that the crank, the brake, and the hub also adopt Tiagra and unify the whole with Tiagra.
Since the frame itself is the same as INTENSO's ULTEGRA adoption model, it is tiagra at first, and there is fun that you can upgrade to 105 or ULTEGRA when you have the strength.
Tiagra is not compatible with more than 105 grades in 10th speed, so upgrades must be a set of components, but the frame itself has a good all-round design.
I think that it is quite cost-effective to cut 200,000 yen in Bianchi.
In addition, celeste color also piques possession. Did you know that the coloring of Celeste color changes slightly every year?
It seems to change the coloring every year in the image of the sky of Milan, Italy.
If you want to buy Bianchi, I would like you to choose Celeste color by all means.

Specialized Tarmac SL4 Sport

Specialized Tarmac sl4 2017

Manufacturers Specialized
Model Tarmac SL4 Sport
Price 200,000 yen (excluding tax)
Frame FACT 9r carbon, threaded BB, full internal cable routing, internally integrated seat clamp, 130mm rear spacing
Front fork S-Works FACT carbon, full monocoque, size-specific taper
BB Set Praxis
Gear crank Praxis Alba 50/34T
Chain KMC X11, 11-speed
Front Diller Shimano 105 5800, 11-speed, direct
Rear Dillerer Shimano 105 5800, 11-speed
Brake Lever (Shifter) Shimano 105 5800, 11-speed
Brake set Shimano Tiagra
Rear gear Shimano 105 5800, 11-speed, 11-28T
Handlebars Specialized Shallow Drop, alloy, 125mm drop, 70mm short-reach
Handle stem Specialized, 3D forged alloy, 4-bolt, 7-degree rise
Saddle Body Geometry Toupe Sport, steel rails, 143mm
Seat Pillar Specialized Comp carbon, single bolt
Seat clamps Integrated wedge for Tarmac
Front wheel Axis Elite, QR
Rear wheel Axis Elite, QR
Tire Specialized Espoir Elite, 700x23mm, 60TPI
Tube valve French valve

It is a Tarmac SL4 Sport of the manufacturer specialized from the United States.
The components are basic Shimano's 105, the brakes are Tiagra, and the crank is 105MIX manufactured by another company.
The frame itself inherits the design philosophy of Specialized's flagship S-Works Tarmac.
It would be pretty good to be able to ride a road bike of the same level as the pro road racer is riding at this price. I think that it has enough specifications to participate in hobby races just by replacing the components with ULTEGRA.
The wheel is not an iron geta wheel that is common in finished cars, axis Elite QR is wearing a lightweight wheel as a finished car with 1700 g in front and rear, and it is a level that can be used as it is during normal practice.
If you go to the race, you can't make it lighter if you don't change to a wheel of 1,500 g or less in the 100,000 yen class.
In that respect, this model can be said to be quite finished at the time of the finished car.

Trek (TREK) Emonda S4

Trek Emonda S4

Manufacturers Trek (TREK)
Model Emonda S4
Price 195,000 yen (excluding tax)
Frame Ultralight 300 Series OCLV Carbon, ride-tuned performance tube optimization, E2 tapered head tube, BB86.5, DuoTrap compatible
Front fork Emonda carbon, E2 tapered steerer
BB Set Press Fit
Gear crank Shimano Tiagra, 50/34 (compact)
Chain Shimano Tiagra
Front Diller Shimano Tiagra
Rear Dillerer Shimano Tiagra
Brake Lever (Shifter) Shimano Tiagra, 10speed
Brake set Shimano Tiagra
Rear gear Shimano Tiagra, 11-28, 10speed
Headset Integrated, cartridge bearing, sealed, 1-1/8" top, 1.5" bottom
Handlebars Bontrager Race VR-C, 31.8mm
Handle stem Bontrager Elite, 31.8mm, 7 degree, w/computer & light mounts
Saddle Bontrager Montrose Comp
Seat Pillar Bontrager alloy, 2-bolt head, 27.2mm, 8mm offset
Front hub Alloy
Rear Hub Alloy
Rim Alloy hubs; Bontrager Tubeless Ready rims
Tire Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite, 700x25c
Tube valve French valve
Émonda S 4に乗って最高のライドで最高の一日を。最寄りのトレック正規販売店で最適な一台を見つけよう。

The Wimpy Pedal is an Emonda S4 from Trek in the USA used by Sohoku High School Captain Makoto Kinjo.
Among treks, the Emonda-grade model claims to be the lightest of all Trek models. The components are unified with Shimano's Tiagra.
The geometry of the frame is all-round for the Emonda model, and the carbon material changes depending on the grade.
This Emonda S4 is the lowest carbon grade used by Trek in the 300 Series OCLV Carbon. Here, the rigidity may be a little inferior compared to a road bike such as a giant.
After that, the tire adopts the tubeless type as a challenging setting. The use of tubeless tires as an entry grade has merits in terms of weight reduction, but I think that it is difficult for beginners in terms of maintenance.
If you ride trek for less than 200,000 yen, Emonda S4 is recommended, but if you want to custom or upgrade in the same price range, it is a frank impression that the army will go up to specialized.

Canondale CAAD 12 105

Cannondale CAAD 12 105 2017

Manufacturers Cannondale
Model CAAD 12 105
Price 190,000 yen (excluding tax)
Frame CAAD12, SmartForm C1 6069 Alloy, SPEED SAVE, BB30a, Di2 Ready
Front fork CAAD12, SPEED SAVE, BallisTec full carbon, 11/8"to 11/4" steerer, integrated crown race
BB Set FSA BB30 Bearings
Gear crank Cannondale Si, BB30a, FSA rings, 52/36
Chain Shimano HG601, 11speed
Front Diller Shimano 105, for direct mounting
Rear Dillerer Shimano 105
Brake Lever (Shifter) Shimano 105
Brake set Shimano 105
Rear gear Shimano 105, 11-28, 11-speed
Headset CAAD12, 1-1/4" lower bearing, 25mm top cap
Handlebars Cannondale C3, butted 6061 Alloy Butted 6061 Alloy, Compact
Handle stem Cannondale C3, 6061 Alloy, 31.8, 6 deg
Saddle Selle Royal Seta S1
Seat Pillar Cannondale C3, 6061 Alloy, 25.4x300mm
Front hub Mavic Aksium
Rear Hub Mavic Aksium
Rim Mavic Aksium WTS
Spoke Mavic Aksium
Tube valve French valve

It's an aluminum road bike instead of carbon, but I'm taking up Canondale's CAAD12.
Cannondale also has a carbon road bike, but canondale has a reputation for molding aluminum frames so much that it is called a carbon killer, so I dared to make it CAAD 12.
Aluminum road bikes generally use 6061-based alloys, but CAAD 12 is characterized by the use of high-strength aluminum alloys called 6069 alloys.
The component is shimano's 105MIX, the wheel is wearing a commercial level wheel called Mavic's Axium, and I think that it has considerable combat power even as it is.
The rigid surface is more rigid than a poor carbon road bike, so if you are a beginner, the ride is hard and you may hurt your knees. I think CAAD 12 is perfect for those who have leg strength or want to train enough to race.

Scott SOLACE 30

Scott SOLACE 2017

Manufacturers Scott (SCOTT)
Model SOLACE 30
Price 239,000 yen (excluding tax)
Frame Solace HMF / IMP Carbon technology Road Comfort geometry
Front fork Solace HMF 1 1/8” Carbon steerer Alloy Dropout
BB Set Shimano BB-RS500-PB
Gear crank Shimano Tiagra FC-4700 Compact Hyperdrive 50x34T
Chain KMC X10
Front Diller Shimano Tiagra FD-4700
Rear Dillerer Shimano Tiagra RD-4700
Brake Lever (Shifter) Shimano Tiagra ST-4700 Dual cotrol
Brake set Shimano BR-4700/ Tektro 541 rear
Rear gear Shimano CS-HG500 10 Speed 11-32T
Headset Syncros Integrated
Handlebars Syncros RR2.0 Anatomic 31.8mm
Handle stem Syncros RR2.0 1 1/8” / four Bolt 31.8mm
Saddle Syncros FL2.5
Seat Pillar Syncros RR2.5 27.2/350mm
Front hub Formula Race 22 24H
Rear Hub Formula Race 22 28H
Rim Syncros Race 22 Front 24 / 28 Rear
Spoke 14G Stainless Black 2mm
Tire Continental Grand Sport Race Fold 700×25C
Tube valve French valve

SOLACE 30 from Swiss manufacturer Scott.
The budget has exceeded 200,000 yen, but I personally like this manufacturer, so I took it up.
This soleis model was newly announced by Scott in 2013, and I would recommend it because it is not an all-rounder because it has technology and frame design to reduce fatigue due to long distance driving.
The power ZONE and Comfort ZONE are named to provide rigidity and flexibility for areas that are impacted by the road surface.
I think this frame design is very attractive for me who is targeting long distance cycling such as Brube.
In addition, the rear gear configuration is wider than the general rear gear configuration of 11-32T so that hill climbs etc. can be worked universally over long distances, and hill climbs can be made with lighter gears.
The component is Tiagra, but if it is a long-distance ride, it does not ask for much speed, and I think that there is a 11-32T gear in this component.
It is a model that can be recommended for those who want to travel by bicycle as a chance to start a road bike or long distance cycling like Burbe.

I carefully selected carbon road bikes that can be bought for around 200,000 yen in the 2017 budget.
I hope it will be helpful when purchasing a road bike.



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