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Site construction support with WordPress

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I want to open a blog site or a store site for individuals and small stores, but I don't know what to do.
You actually operate the site, but do you have any worries about rebuilding the site with WordPress?

Worries when launching a blog site or store site

  • I tried to make my own because I didn't want to spend money, but I don't know what to do.
  • I tried my best to make it myself, but the design and layout are crumbling in some places.
  • I want to get more access, but I feel limited to doing it myself.
  • I'm doing it on the sidelines, but my main job is so busy that I can't complete it.
  • I am troubled that the response of the user is thin because amateurishness does not come out
  • I don't know about servers and WordPress because it's hard.

I think that there are various troubles such as.

WordPress is highly functional and can easily build a website just by setting it from the management screen, but if you are not familiar with WordPress, the hurdle may be high for those who do not have any knowledge about WEB production.

In Directive, which operates this site, we will be acting on behalf of those who are thinking of starting a blog from now on and building a website for small stores. A former web engineer and web site construction and operation professional will support the site construction in WordPress on behalf of the user.

  • I do not know wordpress or server, so I would like to ask you from how to rent a server to install WordPress
  • I want to renew the website in operation using Bizvektor
  • Since there is little access to the site, I would like you to propose measures to improve access up and SEO measures
  • I want you to support the operation of the WordPress site such as how to use and set up Bizvektor
  • I would like to consult about problems on the website in general

We respond to such requests.

WEB Consulting

Develop concepts and strategies for building your site based on user interviews.
Since a website is an asset, we will propose measures to become a valuable site later.
If you already operate a website, we will diagnose the website and respond to page additions and page contents corrections.

Basically, it is for those who operate blog sites and store sites with WordPress

  • I want to launch a blog site from now on and make money with blogs
  • I want to launch a store site to raise awareness of the store to users and attract customers

We will also help you launch a website for new people.

Renewal of website

We support those who already operate a website and want to renew the site with WordPress.
Basically, we examine the information of the website we operate, and renew the site with WordPress in a content configuration that is conscious of the CTA (Call To Action) of the user who sees the website.
The theme is using the free GPL license Bizvektor.
Renewal using a paid theme can also be introduced after consulting with the customer separately and receiving the actual cost cost.

WordPress is an updated program from time to time, so we cannot accept customizations or changes to the design part of the theme.
If you customize the theme, the part that changed the design when the theme is updated will return to the original design, and there are disadvantages such as re-updating or operating without updating the theme.
Please understand that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I make a website?
If it is a sense of scale from 10 to 15 pages (about 2000 characters per page), it is assumed that it will be about 2 months.
If everything from server selection to WordPress installation and configuration is included, the period may be extended somewhat.
Please note that the period may be extended further depending on the commitment to the page composition (design, manuscript, photograph).
How much is your budget?
It varies greatly depending on the customer's request. The content to be responded to changes depending on the purpose (attracting customers and sales up) that the customer achieved in the operation of the website.
As a guide, it is assumed that 600,000 yen or more is a response that puts man-hours from strategy planning to achieve proper results to a level where responses such as server selection, domain selection, manuscript creation, etc. can be expected.
Can I make requests from a distance?
Don't worry. Basically, it will be a meeting by e-mail or Skype, but if you bear the actual cost of moving, we will go directly to the distance and respond to the meeting.
We will formulate specifications, define requirements, and formulate strategies mainly by e-mail and Skype, and we will inform you of the progress from time to time.

Contact us

First of all, please contact us if you have any problems.

  • What kind of website do you want to make?
  • What kind of blog do you want to run?
  • URL of the website you are operating

If you tell us when the vision of the website you want to launch from now on is clear, you can give more specific advice.

For more information, please contact https://roadbikelife.net/en/contact-en/.

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